On September 19, 2019 HESSE FLATOW opened at 508 W 26th Street in Chelsea, NYC, Suite 5G. It is an expansion of the existing program. The project space at 526 W 26th street and residency on Long Island in Amagansett will continue as CRUSH. Stay tuned for news on this exciting new venture.

Karen Hesse Flatow, Owner/Director: karen@hesseflatow.com

Jesse Greenberg, Director: jesse@hesseflatow.com

Hannah Schutzengel, Gallery Manager: hannah@hesseflatow.com

For general inquiries: info@hesseflatow.com


508 West 26th Street, New York, NY Suite #5G
The gallery is ADA accessible by elevator at 508-516 West 26th Street.
Hours: Wednesdays through Saturdays 11am - 6pm
or by appointment at info@hesseflatow.com

CRUSH Projects

CRUSH is a project space founded in 2017. We collaborate with artists and curators outside the traditional gallery structure and in the context of a studio practice. Since its founding it has hosted over 35 exhibitions and performative events that have served as a launchpad for new ideas and supported our artist community.

526 West 26th Street, New York, NY Suite # 709

Open by appointment at info@crush-curatorial.com

CRUSH Residency

68A Schellinger Road, Amagansett, NY 10037 / seasonal hours or by appointment at info@crush-curatorial.com


We are interested in the future and how art practices are influenced by modern culture and technology, but informed by the past. Art and how we experience it will be very different in the future. We believe it will be less to do about objects and more about experiences. On the other hand, certain objects will be prized because they remind us of our past and we will long for them.

We want a diverse range of artists to be given a voice, to lead a sustainable art life and participate in the dialogue that make us human. We live in a world that is increasingly fractured and alienated. We need to be kind to one another and treat each other fairly. Artists and culture producers will be asked to be leaders in this kinder world.  Building community is an important part of this.