FUTURE FAIR: Aglaé Bassens

May 4 - 7, 2022 

HESSE FLATOW is pleased to participate in FUTURE FAIR with a presentation of works by Aglaé Bassens. Aglaé Bassens sources her imagery from her own archive of photographs. The filmic quality and composition of her paintings lure us in with the promise of narrative, but the plot remains elusive and fragmented. Bassens’ paintings have the authenticity of personal memories cobbled together from intuition. The result is a collection of innermost glances in which the viewer recognizes his or her own emotional experience.



Chelsea Industrial

535 W 28th Street

New York, NY



Wednesday, May 4, 4PM-8PM



Thursday, May 5, 12PM-7PM

Friday, May 6, 12PM-7PM

Saturday, May 7, 12PM-6PM