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Art Out: Matthew Morrocco – ORCHID.seasons


CRUSHCURATORIAL is pleased to present ORCHID.seasons, an ambitious new body of work by artist Matthew Morrocco, best-known for his erotic self-portraits with older men, which deconstructs the role of marginalized bodies across social, financial, and queer economies of being.  ORCHID.seasons  features Morrocco posing in a variety of monochromatic body suits set in lush natural landscapes. These suits obscure his identity and represent the colors that comprise the spectrum of visible light: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, violet. Whereas his earlier bodies of work court and complicate cultural narratives about queer identity and sexuality, this new series denies the viewer a particularized queer body, obscuring Morrocco beneath the suits — each representing a color from the spectrum of visible light.  Morrocco's body suit allows him to be present but undetectable, known if also imperceptible. For more information click here.

Sept 6th - 15th

Hours:  Thursday through Saturdays 1pm-6pm

526 West 26th Street, New York, NY Suite # 709

All images © Aidan McLellan

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