Carl D’Alvia in conversation with Jacqueline Marino

Jacqueline Marino, Soft Qtrly , 2021年12月1日

Soft is a quarterly printed publication on art and culture that creates a space for individuals to express their ideas on softness and vulnerability through creative expression. With contributors from all over the world, it is their mission to facilitate conversations around mental health and creativity while inspiring contributors and readers alike to contemplate their own relationship to softness and practice vulnerability in their lives. 


Jacqueline: Any first thoughts about softness? 

Carl: ...This culture is always thinking hard, without that softness. So that's what I've been playing with a lot the last few years, this hard/soft kind of thing, comic/dark. A lot of different dualities, basically, is something that I’m always looking for, but particularly hard/soft with this last body of work, doing these big, monolithic structures, but then turning them kind of soft and slumping down and all that, some made out of steel, but they're all kind of squishy and floppy. 


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