Hope Floats: A basin-based art exhibition for a final autumnal dip

October 6 - 7, 2018

Curated by Anna Hugo and Patrick Mohundro


Su Jung Chang // James Chrzan // Allison Brainard // Sam Cockrell // Olivia Coeln // ray ferreira // Marysia Gacek // Ilana Yacine Harris-Babou // David Humphrey // Emily Janowick // Christine Navin Zara Pfeifer // Ana Popescu // Rirkrit Tiravanija // Ben Thorp Brown



Do not swim on a full stomach.

There is a hollow feeling on Labor Day when the summer ends.(1) The pool knows it well. Once upon a time, the pool knew what it meant to shine. Now neglected.

Do not swim on a full stomach.

What exists now is hardly the shadows of waves.(2) The water is in retreat, waning into the autumnal void.

What will become of us in the winter? What will keep us together, keep us warm? Hope Floats is an exhibition of fifteen artists, considering what it means to be soggy, drenched, soaked-to-the bone yet hopeful.

Do not swim on a full stomach.