How to Start Collecting Art


Whether you're outfitting the walls of a new home or considering collecting art as an investment, exploring the myriad options and discovering pieces that resonate with you is an exciting, if slightly intimidating, process. We consulted art world pros to learn what advice they'd give to those starting out on their search. Read on for key tips to keep in mind as you start your foray into collecting art. 


Aglae Bassens

"When entering into the art world, the first thing on your to-do list should be to figure out what kind of artwork you love. Going to art fairs, galleries, and museums will allow you to build an idea of what excites you the most, and Instagram is a great tool for keeping up with interesting artists, galleries, and advisors. Consulting the experts is also crucial: work with a financial advisor to help generate a budget, and find a trusted art advisor to help you navigate, narrow down and refine your taste. There are incredible artworks at all price points, so it’ll help to know roughly where you fall both financially and aesthetically before you get started. Here’s an example of an emerging, sub-$10,000 artist I’ve been loving named Aglae Bassens. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to people to ask questions—including me (@rachelcoleartadvisory)!"