Intrigue of Technology and Self

Mai 8, 2012

Immersing oneself in Charlotte Hallberg’s installation is at once fun and familiar despite its abrasively bright colors. Since it does wrap around onto three separate sides of the room, it is possible to find a spot in which you can see nothing else; the glaring boxes take up your periphery and become very present. At the same time, the viewer also becomes very aware of their own bodily presence among the variegated shapes and blocks suspended from the walls.


All of the forms seem so recognizable because of their analogs in the contemporary world. It seems almost as if part of some closed-circuit television security booth or world domination control room straight out of a science fiction novel. The idea that being confronted by swaths of brightly glowing boxes is so normal immediately trounces all the fiction, however, in favor of science (and societal) fact.