Aglaé Bassens in "Leave A Light On" at The Valley, Taos

March 26 - May 7, 2022

The Valley is pleased to present Leave A Light On, a group exhibition featuring works by twenty eight artists from around the country, working across many mediums, which feature candles. Fondly nicknamed "the candle show," this exhibition has broad a thematic link, allowing for an open-ended meditation on a theme from a multitude of perspectives.

This exhibition arose from the zeitgeist, noticing that many artists I admired were including candles in their work in some way. A curatorial challenge to include as many as possible in our small space, to form new connections and to explore the myriad meanings candles embody. They are a feature in many of the ritual acts and sacred moments of our lives. Lighting a candle for your loss, and for your birthday. A candle in the window to cheer passersby on the street through the dark winter months. A candle flickering on the bedside table while your lover sleeps, washing their face in golden light. A candle as a portal to another realm. Candlelight in the recess of your dreaming mind. Candlelight all around the house during a hurricane when the power is out. Candles as inferno, burning at both ends, a moth to a flame, all encompassing light. Candles in a crowd, in solidarity, in mourning. For reading by candlelight. For the ancient ones. To send your prayers skyward. To mark time passing. To keep a memory. To light the way. 

I hope you enjoy this selection of inspired works. I hope you leave a light on for me.

March 25, 2022