NADA Curated: Reduction to Satire (Reductio ad Satura)

online exhibition with Johanna Robinson

HESSE FLATOW is pleased to announce our participation, with artist Johanna Robinson,  in "Reduction to Satire," an online exhibition organized on the occasion of the NADA Curated Series.

Link to NADA Online show can be found below.

The artists for the Reduction to Satire exhibition were invited to respond to what they think the newly coined term might mean, or how it resonates within their current practices. Borrowed from two distinct disciplines of knowledge production, namely applied mathematics and literature, the methodology of reducing to absurdity—to prove its negation as false—in order to confirm the truth of the assumption juxtaposed with the methodology of employing humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule in order to make known something that holds truth.

The thematic umbrella of the online exhibition curated in the form of an automated flipping online magazine finds its reflections in the 29 works selected from 21 artists participating from across the globe.

August 9, 2022