Nat Meade in "Come A Little Closer" at DC Moore Gallery, New York

January 12 – February 11, 2023

We all love big; we love the drama of scale. But intimacy has its own magic, connecting us to the size of books, of faces, of mirrors, of things glimpsed in private, seen by one person at a time. Or not seen in full until the curious viewer steps closer.


A large exhibition of small paintings, Come A Little Closer, features the work of 70 plus artists. 


The works in this exhibition measure from tiny to 15”. The artists that created them have varied motivations, but all the works are meant to be the size they are; in other words none are preparatory studies. Some play with ideas of “real scale,” some counter our expectations of detail, others luxuriate in the compression of information.

January 10, 2023