Seven Artists and Curators Reveal a Cherished, Overlooked Black Artist

Jasmine Weber, Hyperallergic, February 28, 2019

"I would like for you to consider Adama Delphine Fawundu. I have known Delphine for over fifteen years as a photographer.  My initial encounter with her began when I was looking for photographers to include in my book, Black: A Celebration of a Culture in 2005.  I was interested specifically in her body of work documenting the global hip hop scene. She is someone who cares deeply about her audience, the general public, and her fellow photographers not only in terms of their understanding of global issues focusing on hip hop music and the talents of men and women in Africa and the U.S., but also in terms of the community activism deconstructing images of black women. Deconstructing SHE is one of her projects that I've included in an exhibition recently.  It examines the destructive impact of the media on ideas of beauty and self."


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