A Chat with the Business Witch

Less Than Half, March 21, 2020

Standing and drawing as well as sleeping and dreaming are all in a day’s work for video artist and “mind-map scribe” Virginia Lee Montgomery, or VLM, as she tends to be called. She does both for more hours straight than you thought possible (six and sixteen, respectively), as research for the content of her “radically serene” video work.  


As a mind-mapper, or graphic recorder, the artist visually synthesizes presentations at conferences, talks, and company meetings into a series of whiteboards—sometimes in front of audiences of hundreds of people—an occupation which has flecked her language with corporatese, though her speech is not without its own vocabulary of philosophy and metaphysics mixed in. She speaks about her art as if she were pitching it—her descriptions are straightforward, comprehensive, and rehearsed—something I appreciated, as it ensured I could follow her explanations of it. (She does, after all, describe herself as the “Business Witch.”) 


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