Friday Focus: Aglaé Bassens

Parapluie, August 13, 2021

Aglaé Bassens interview with Parapluie 

Can you tell me about your practice? How do you get started on a piece of work?

I would describe my work as still life painting. Stemming from my own archive of photographs taken over the years in various locations, my motifs are not always typical objects: they can be immaterial, such as shadows or reflections, and they can be moving matter such as rain drops and weather. The figure is nearly always absent, sometimes implied. I want the paintings to function as stage sets for dreamy, introspective contemplation, the focus is on longing and feeling. Typically, my process starts when I am stopped in my tracks by something I have seen. I take a lot of photographs, every time I have the instinct to stop and look at something. I then leads to painting as a way to understand what the fascination is about, to re-experience the feeling it triggered. 


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