Artist Johanna Robinson dropping 170 “wishing” coins as NFTs with NYC exhibition

Vittoria Benzine, Metaverse Post, May 27, 2022

Robinson’s 170 NFTs depict every single coin tossed in the wells across her solo show, captured with a macro lens attached to the artist’s phone and then animated so the water ripples, the light softly flashes, and the coins themselves spin. Most NFTs only feature one coin, but there’s a rare few clusters on offer. 


The only way to get your hands on one of these lucky talismans is to visit the exhibition while it’s on view through June 24th and add your email to a numbered line on the sign up list–each one pegged to a different NFT, yet to be revealed. “It was important to me that NFTs are only available to those who physically come to the gallery because it’s like reaching into an actual fountain and taking a coin,” Robinson said.