Liz Naiden: Piece for One

December 12, 2019 - January 11, 2020

Hesse Flatow is pleased to announce Liz Naiden's debut solo exhibition, Piece for One. This participatory, multichannel video installation is part of an ongoing body of work that uses projected text to guide the visitor's movements through space. Drawing on choreography, architecture, and experimental theater, Piece for One asks each of us to confront our relationship to control and consent; performance and surveillance; empathy and trust. The work requests that visitors enter the installation one at a time. You will decide, upon arriving, whether to wait your turn. You might decide to enter alone, as requested. You might continue to follow instructions…. Alone, you may feel relaxed, and unburdened by the need to perform yourself as you usually do for others. You might feel like you are not alone at all. You might do exactly what you're supposed to do, or you might decide at some point that you no longer want to play. You might imagine what would have happened if you had.  


Liz Naiden (b. 1990 New York, NY) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn. She received her MFA in Combined Media from Hunter College in 2019, and her BA in Architecture and Urban Studies from Columbia University in 2012. Her work has been shown as part of the nomadic project P.A.D. Gallery, and at MAW projects, Pablo's Birthday, and the Broadway Windows of NYU's 80WSE Gallery in New York. She has performed or screened her work at Babycastles, Underdonk, and H0L0 in New York.