All By Myself: in collaboration with DRAWER

August 31 - September 20, 2020

Drawer and Hesse Flatow are pleased to present All By Myself, an online exhibition of original works on paper by Aglaé Bassens, Jaqueline Cedar, Devra Fox, Eliot Greenwald, Barry Hazard, Peter LaBier, Sophie Larrimore, and Elizabeth Schweizer. 


All By Myself highlights work made this year in social isolation. Left to themselves, these artists turn their focus to close looking, and wistful imagining. Some think of place: Peter LaBier and Aglaé Bassens thoughtfully observe their surroundings, from rumpled bed to deli bouquet. Barry Hazard reimagines his friends' favorite places, and Eliot Greenwald's Night Car takes a lonely drive through the mountains. Others think of touch and bodily contact: Devra Fox and Elizabeth Schweizer dream up malleable, squirming forms, grazing and intertwining. Jaqueline Cedar's lone figures gently inspect their own limbs, while Sophie Larrimore draws joyful jumbles of humans and dogs. All By Myself examines the space between alone and lonely; and the many artists drawing together in strange times.


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Drawer is an artist-run, online gallery and shop for discovering and supporting emerging artists. Drawer offers original works on paper and limited editions at affordable prices.


10% of Hesse Flatow's and Drawer's proceeds from the exhibition will go to Youth Build, an education and service organization for low-income youth. At YouthBuild programs, young people learn construction skills to help build affordable housing, community centers, and schools in their communities. We thank Barry Hazard for introducing us to this organization. For more information or to donate: