Shifted Horizon

July 15 - August 13, 2021

Amanda Baldwin

Aglaé Bassens

Natalie Birinyi

Sung Hwa Kim

James Morse

Alan Prazniak

Sarah Schlesinger

Lumin Wakoa


HESSE FLATOW is pleased to present a group exhibition of contemporary landscape painting, featuring work by 8 artists. Shifted Horizon consists of natural and built horizons which range in medium and interpretation, collectively disrupting the cliché notion of the formal genre of landscape painting. The once steady horizon line has tilted and uncovered new perspectives as the pandemic has been a catalyst for these artist’s shifted viewpoints after a year of solitude, isolation, and longing. This group of artists propose different ways of looking; slower, closer, outward, and above all, introspectively.  


Aglaé Bassens’ palm trees and Amanda Baldwin’s bright foliage transport the viewer to distant escapes which allude to exotic locales but manage to keep our gazes turned inwards. Abstraction is explored in the observational garden paintings of Lumin Wakoa and the explosive gradients of Natalie Birinyi’s work, inviting us to look closely at crevices and elusive edges of a digital landscape. The wide views of Alan Prazniak and James Morse’s expressive gestures ponder our greater relationship to nature. The close up, enclosed gardens of Sarah Schelsinger and Sung Hwa Kim’s solitary night scenes point to beacons of hidden light and play under the cover of darkness. 


With the world rapidly changing around us, these artists provide revived examinations of our surroundings while contemplating a newfound, heightened awareness of self, being and co-existence with the environment. Heralding from locales as diverse as Belgium, Washington, Pennsylvania, Michigan and South Korea, they find commonalities in their perceived horizons and we look forward to the conversations engendered between them.