Adama Delphine Fawundu's "Wata Bodis" at Project for Empty Space

 July 16 - September 18, 2022

Wata Bodis
, which is Krío for “water bodies,” is an exhibition about Ancestral Energy and the multitudinous complex threads between Africa and its diasporas. The show is an immersive experience, comprised of gently fluttering, mixed-media, hanging sculptures, and a visceral surround-360 video projection. Both sculptures and video installations are rooted in the artist's relationship with her own familial legacy. She describes the show as a spiritual conversation with her namesake paternal grandmother, Adama or Mama Adama. Fawundu says “At times, I am her, as she continues to see through my eyes, the daughter of her first son. As the only child in my immediate family born in the United States, cost, distance, and a horrific civil war only allowed me to meet with my grandmother twice in my life, once at age 4 and then again at 20. Although our physical bodies have only shared space on this earth for 23 years, our spirits have always been intertwined.”
July 16, 2022