Aglaé Bassens in "REVIVAL I - XVIIIe siècle" at Gowen Contemporary, Geneva

January 19 - April 29, 2023
REVIVAL I - XVIIIe siècle, the first exhibition in a series which unites over twenty international contemporary artists whose visual language engages with, reimagines, and transforms imagery from the art historical canon. Co-curated by Laura Gowen and New York-based advisor Rachel Cole Sherr, the show explores various stylistic and methodological interventions in relation to eighteenth-century aesthetic traditions. Elegant portraiture, conversation pieces, landscapes and the defining mores, trends and events of the era are revisited via ever-changing modes of representation. REVIVAL I - XVIIIe siècle aspires to capture the eighteenth-century zeitgeist, connecting the past to contemporary work as a mechanism for understanding and informing about the complexities of the present, whilst laying the groundwork for the future.
January 10, 2023